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The I.A.C.P is the place to share the information, ideas, experiences, photos, research informations, and healthcare news etc related with Physical Therapy or what you call Physiotherapy . The I.A.C.P ( Physical Therapy ASSOCIATION IN INDIA) is for you: the Physiotherapy professional, student and consumer. Post your clinical photos and let others know what physical therapists do. Physio announcements, research work, clinical tips and other Online resources are also appreciated. 
Your treatment protocol or research work story and experience are encouraged, but please do not ask for specific physical therapy advice for a patient under your treatment. 
I.A.C.P for practice and promotion of Physiotherapy (Physical therapy) will be linked and will be collaborated around the globe to explore the benefits of its members , as one may find slight variations in the practice of physical therapy within different countries. Just to name few of them are as under :

American Physical Therapy Association 
Australian Physiotherapy Association 
Austrian Physiotherapy Association 
Canadian Physiotherapy Association 
Columbian Physiotherapy Association 
Danish Physical Therapy Association 
Germany Physiotherapy Association 
Hong Kong Physiotherapy Association 
Icelandic Physiotherapy Association 
Finnish Association of Physical Therapists 
Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists 
Italian Association of Physiotherapists 
Koren Physical Therapy Association 
Malta Association of Physiotherapists 
Norwegian Physiotherapy Association 
Physical Therapy Association of the Republic of China 
Physiotherapy in Brazil 
Portuguese Physical Therapy Association 
Singapore Physiotherapy Association 
U.K. Chartered Society of Physiotherapists 


While participating in the I.A.C.P, please be courteous of others and avoid abusive, non-friendly language. A flame or unfriendly comments will ban you from this forum. 
Lastly, if you have more questions concerning the I.A.C.P, please feel free to contact the through email / mail / website. Indian Association of Chartered Physiotherapists offers many types of memberships. You may join as per your will.


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