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Affiliation / Recognition for Institution    

IACP’s sole Testimony is to provide improved and better education to our members and individuals seeking knowledge. For that IACP affiliates with the Institutions having the Testimony that Resonates to ours. The Institutes’ providing high Standards of Education regarding Physiotherapy/ Physical therapy/ Rehabilitation/ Physical Medicine/Related, can Recognize themselves as IACP Affiliated.
IACP affiliation means trust for students’ guardian that the institution is providing high standards of knowledge.
IACP affiliation means peaceful mind for the students that his professional dignity and carrier is secure and will pay him back greater values.


BENEFITS enjoyed by the Affiliated/ Recognized Institutions:
    * The Institute will be allowed to use the IACP’s Acknowledgement anywhere they desire (at places where the Institute’s Values will increase) e.g., in their Institutes Name’s Suffix, at the Institute’s Website, in Institute’s Letter head, in Institute staff’s Visiting cards/ Identity cards, etc.
    * The institute will be allowed to conduct the Courses provided by IACP in their Institutes.
    * The institutes will be allowed to conduct IACP’s Seminars, Conferences, Workshops, and Events in independent or associative manner.
    * Chartered Association will also appreciate and support the institutions in their Events, Seminars, Workshops, etc.
    * Candidates belonging to the IACP Affiliated Institutes, desiring MEMBERSHIPS of IACP or admission in online courses will have to pay 20% reduced Fee.
    * More.



1. Level First is submission of Form. IACP accepts the affiliation request through email.
2. Submit the duly filled Affiliation Request Form with all your supporting documents through email on- iacp_saad@rediffmail.com
(It takes approximately 25 days for IACP to evaluate Request form)
3. An email of Form acceptance will come to your email address with payments credentials.
4. Now submit the Pre Inspection Fee.
5. If your Institute stands fine in online Inspection then the Institute passes its Level first.
6. Now Level Second is on-Site Inspection. IACP will send a team for the Institute’s inspection. This can be an online inspection or an offline inspection. While inspection, the team grants grades to the Institution. There are 10 categories on which Inspection is based.
# These Grades will judge the granting of the Affiliation or Not*.
7. Now clearing Level second (i.e. on site inspection), a Conformation letter will be send from IACP’s Head Office notifying the Institute that they have passed LEVEL SECOND and now they have to submit the Post Inspection fees.
8. After the submission of post Inspection fees. The Institution will be completely granted the Affiliation/ Recognition certificate.

Affiliation Fees
The fee for Affiliation and Recognition is kept in two halves- i.e. Pre-Inspection and Post-Inspection. These rules are laid in the favor of Institutes, for not loosing the inspection fees if they can’t pass Inspection.
     *  If the Institute fails inspection it can Re-apply for second Inspection through the same Affiliation Form without submitting the Pre Inspection fees.



Further details are annexed with the Application form, Download it today!

NOTE:  In any activity done by the Institution that harms/ or disrespects/ or discourages the Image of the Association. Or any act that discriminates the Rules laid by the Association. The Affiliation may be voided and the Institutes name may be Black Listed.

  Physiotherapy Center Accreditation  

Accreditation : “A self-assessment and external peer assessment process used by health care organizations to accurately assess their level of performance in relation to established standards and to implement ways to continuously improve"


IACP accreditation means that the Physiotherapy center accredited is providing the service to their patients at high standards and maintained quality. IACP accreditation means the regimes followed at these centers are highly strict to the Principals laid by Physiotherapy Pioneers. IACP accreditation means peace of mind to the patient as well as the practitioner.
As the quality of care and service provided to the patients has to be checked because the patients of these times desire safe, security and good healthcare. And it is necessary too.
IACP stands firm and assures the patients by giving a mark of assurance to the Care giving Centre, by rightly going through all the medical, social, political, ethical, business, financial and various ramifications of the Centre.
To get your center IACP accredited. Your center needs to fulfill the parameters laid by IACP. These parameters are laid to check weather the Center is providing high and maintained standards of service and the equipments present at centre are efficient for the promised service or not.
Further details are annexed with the Application form, Download it today!

Remember Raising the standards together is the goal of IACP.



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