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Guide picks Computer rehabilitative resources lead the way for practice management, billing, patient education, and exercise software for physical therapy. Assistive technology systems are highlighted for the mobility impaired. 

Computer Chips in Humans
Surgeons at Stoke Mandeville hospital prepare to create the human cyborgs by implanting computer chips in a British professor and his wife to see if they can communicate sensation and movements by thought alone.

Robots Replacing Physical Therapists?
If you think you have job security as a rehab/physio professional, guess again. Motor movement of stroke patients have been seen to improve with physical therapy performed by a robot.

Rationale For Physical Therapy Robots
View healthcare cost statistics on page two of this article. Compare costs of human-powered physical therapy versus those provided by a physical therapy robot.

Computer Software in Rehabilitation & Physiotherapy
Computer software in physical therapy and rehabilitation is available for exercise programs, billing, outcome tracking, scheduling and other rehabilitation administration or educational uses.

Artificial Muscle... can it be true?
MIT research efforts use a polymer hydrogel to produce characteristics similar to human muscle for robots.

Tele Rehabilitation in Physical Therapy
Tele Rehabilitation may be the way to stay connected with our physical therapy patients. See how a "hands-on" profession can keep in touch with distant patients.

Virtual Reality for Parkinson's Disease

Special glasses and a laser stimulate the retina to help smooth walking difficulties for those with Parkinson's Disease.

Virtual Reality Rehab. Lab

This rehabilitation research lab is using virtual reality successfully with many different types of physical therapy diagnoses.

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